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eTiqueMarket is growing by adding new services for its customers. In addition to its main site at etiquemarket.com which sells antiques and collectibles from multiple dealers, the website is rolling out new features catering to collectors and dealers such as eTiqueMarket Directory and eTiqueMarket Classifieds.
The directory service invites dealers, appraisers, auctioneers, restorers, and all allied businesses to advertise in a place focused on their interests. The directory should appeal especially to new and small businesses, but is robust enough to appeal to larger firms.
The directory offers advertisers a one page mini-website displaying the usual business information such as business name, products and services descriptions, and nearly anything else the business wants to tell prospective clients.
Depending upon the package selected, advertisers may show pictures, video, and a map showing what they have and where to get it. Online only businesses are not excluded.
Perhaps the most valuable benefit is the option to have the business' website indexed by eTiqueFind which is a collectibles search engine. The search engine focused exclusively on collector interests and closely related ones such as museums.
Classified advertising is another new service offered by eTiqueMarket. In contrast to other classified sites, this one is - as with the directory - tailored to collectors who want to sell their collectibles without committing to the overhead of operating an online dealership. By filtering out extraneous objects and merchandise, eTiqueMarket offers advertisers undiluted attention.
Take a look around to see how we can help your business or collections. 
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